Where is the Friend’s Home?

Brief Intro

Where is the Friend’s Home? (1987), directed by Abbas Kiarostami, is a poignant Iranian film that explores the simple yet profound journey of a young boy, Ahmed, who sets out to return his friend’s notebook. This seemingly small mission unfolds into a touching narrative that delves into themes of responsibility, friendship, and the innocence of childhood. 🌟

Literary Devices Used in Where is the Friend’s Home?

The film uses a variety of literary devices to convey its themes and characters’ emotions effectively. Let’s delve into ten of these devices with specific examples from the movie.


Movie SceneDevice Example
Ahmed running up the hill with the notebookThe uphill journey symbolizes Ahmed’s struggle and determination to fulfill his promise.
The constant presence of the windThe wind symbolizes the unseen forces and challenges that Ahmed faces in his quest.


Movie SceneDevice Example
Ahmed’s initial conversation with his mother about responsibilityThis hints at the upcoming challenges he will face in keeping his promise.
The recurring shots of the path leading to his friend’s villageThese shots foreshadow the difficult journey Ahmed will have to undertake.


Movie SceneDevice Example
Ahmed’s grandmother complaining about his responsibilitiesDespite her complaints, Ahmed’s journey is all about understanding and embracing responsibility.
The teacher’s strictness contrasted with Ahmed’s determinationThe irony lies in the teacher’s emphasis on rules while Ahmed’s true lesson is learned outside the classroom.


Movie SceneDevice Example
The notebookThe notebook represents the bond and sense of duty Ahmed feels towards his friend.
The journey itselfThe journey is a metaphor for the path to maturity and understanding.


Movie SceneDevice Example
The lush green hills and fieldsVivid descriptions of the countryside enhance the visual appeal and reflect Ahmed’s inner journey.
Close-up shots of Ahmed’s expressive faceThese shots vividly convey his emotions and determination.


Movie SceneDevice Example
Scenes of Ahmed’s carefree village life vs. the urgency of his missionHighlights the contrast between childhood innocence and the responsibilities Ahmed undertakes.
The busy adults’ world vs. Ahmed’s determined focusJuxtaposes the adults’ indifference with Ahmed’s earnestness.


Movie SceneDevice Example
Repeated shots of the winding pathEmphasizes the arduous journey and the persistence needed to complete it.
Recurring theme of asking for directionsHighlights Ahmed’s determination and the obstacles he faces.


Movie SceneDevice Example
The recurring presence of doors and gatesSymbolizes the barriers Ahmed faces and the passage to new understanding.
The persistent theme of notebooks and school suppliesRepresents the educational and moral lessons Ahmed learns.


Movie SceneDevice Example
The serene yet determined atmosphere of Ahmed’s questSets a tone of earnestness and dedication throughout the film.
The contrasting calmness of the village lifeReflects the simple yet profound nature of Ahmed’s journey.


Movie SceneDevice Example
References to traditional Iranian values and practicesAlludes to the cultural backdrop that shapes the characters’ actions and decisions.
The teacher’s strict educational methodsAlludes to the rigid educational systems and the contrast with Ahmed’s moral learning.

Character Analysis Through Literary Devices

Character Studies


SymbolismAhmed’s journey symbolizes the quest for moral integrity and personal responsibility.
ImageryClose-ups of Ahmed’s face convey his determination and innocence, highlighting his emotional journey.

Ahmed’s Friend (Mohammad Reza)

ForeshadowingEarly scenes of Mohammad’s fear of punishment foreshadow Ahmed’s quest to help him avoid it.
JuxtapositionMohammad’s worry contrasts with Ahmed’s proactive attitude, emphasizing their different approaches.

The Teacher

IronyThe teacher’s strictness and rigid enforcement of rules highlight the irony in Ahmed’s moral learning outside school.
ToneThe authoritative tone of the teacher contrasts with the empathetic tone of Ahmed’s journey, emphasizing the difference in their approaches.

Character Dynamics

The relationship between Ahmed and his friend drives the narrative, showcasing themes of loyalty and responsibility. Ahmed’s interactions with the adults in his life, who often dismiss his concerns, underscore his solitary struggle and determination.

Thematic Analysis

Let’s explore how literary devices highlight the film’s major themes.


SymbolismThe notebook symbolizes the bond and duty Ahmed feels towards his friend.
RepetitionAhmed’s repeated attempts to return the notebook emphasize the persistence and importance of friendship.


ForeshadowingEarly conversations about responsibility set the stage for Ahmed’s actions.
IronyThe irony in the adults’ neglect of responsibility contrasts with Ahmed’s earnest efforts.


ImageryVisuals of Ahmed’s expressive face and the serene countryside capture the innocence of childhood.
JuxtapositionThe juxtaposition of Ahmed’s innocence with the indifferent adult world highlights the purity of his motives.

Cinematic Techniques That Enhance Literary Devices

Visual and Sound Techniques

Literary DeviceTechniqueExplanation
SymbolismVisual motifsRecurrent visual elements like the notebook and doors enhance the symbolic meaning.
ToneSound designThe serene and sometimes tense soundscapes mirror the film’s emotional tone, reinforcing the narrative’s atmosphere.

Key Scene Analysis

Let’s dive into key scenes that significantly utilize literary and cinematic techniques.

Scene 1: Ahmed’s Decision to Return the Notebook

  • YouTube Link: Ahmed’s Decision
  • Scene Breakdown: This scene establishes Ahmed’s determination, using close-up shots to capture his resolve and the calm yet persistent tone of his mission.

Scene 2: The Journey through the Hills

  • YouTube Link: Journey through the Hills
  • Scene Breakdown: The uphill journey is depicted with wide-angle shots and natural sounds, emphasizing the physical and metaphorical obstacles Ahmed faces.

Scene 3: The Climactic Moment of Return

  • YouTube Link: Climactic Moment
  • Scene Breakdown: This pivotal scene uses dramatic tension and close-ups to capture the relief and triumph of completing the mission, highlighting the theme of friendship and responsibility.


Let’s wrap up with an interactive multiple-choice quiz to test your understanding of the literary devices used in Where is the Friend’s Home?.


  1. What does the notebook symbolize in the film?
    • A) Friendship
    • B) Responsibility
    • C) Both A and B
    • D) None of the above
  2. Which literary device is primarily used to highlight Ahmed’s determination?
  3. What is the significance of the recurring shots of the winding path?
    • A) Symbolizes the easy journey
    • B) Highlights Ahmed’s persistence
    • C) Represents the adult world
    • D) Foreshadows the climax


  1. C) Both A and B
  2. B) Imagery
  3. B) Highlights Ahmed’s persistence