1901 by Phoenix


🎵”1901″ by Phoenix is a vibrant and energetic song from their 2009 album “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.” The track became a significant hit, known for its catchy rhythm, vibrant guitar riffs, and nostalgic lyrics. Despite its title, the song is not about the year 1901 but rather evokes a sense of nostalgia and reflection on past times, possibly referencing the early 20th century as a metaphor for something more personal and emotional.

Literary Devices in This Song

Literary DeviceExampleExplanation
Allusion“Past and present, they don’t matter”Refers to the insignificance of time in the context of strong emotions.
Metaphor“Fold it, fold it, fold it”Implies hiding or covering up emotions or situations.
Repetition“Fold it, fold it, fold it”Emphasizes the action and intensifies the meaning.
Symbolism“1901”Symbolizes nostalgia and the idea of looking back at the past.

Poetic Devices in This Song

Poetic DeviceExampleExplanation
Rhyme SchemeABABCreates a rhythmic and musical quality to the lyrics.
Alliteration“Better learn to live alone”The repetition of the ‘l’ sound adds a lyrical and flowing quality.
Assonance“Fold it, fold it, fold it”The repetition of vowel sounds creates a smooth, rhythmic flow.
Consonance“Drowning in, the lights”The repetition of consonant sounds enhances the musicality of the line.

Figurative Language and Imagery in This Song

Figurative LanguageExampleExplanation
Metaphor“Fold it, fold it, fold it”Suggests concealing emotions or situations.
Imagery“Past and present, they don’t matter”Evokes a visual of time blending and losing its significance.
Symbolism“1901”Represents nostalgia and a yearning for the past.
Personification“Past and present, they don’t matter”Giving human attributes to time, indicating its irrelevance in certain contexts.

Thematic Analysis

NostalgiaThe song reflects a longing for the past, symbolized by the title “1901.”
Temporal IrrelevanceEmphasizes the insignificance of time when it comes to strong emotions and memories.
Emotional ConcealmentThe repeated metaphor “fold it” suggests hiding or covering up feelings.
Youth and ReflectionCaptures the essence of youth and the inevitable reflection on past experiences.

Literary, Poetic, and Figurative Devices Related FAQs

What is the significance of the allusion to the year 1901 in the song?

The allusion to the year 1901 serves as a metaphor for nostalgia and looking back at the past. It is not about the specific year but rather evokes a sense of reflection on bygone times.

How does imagery enhance the song’s impact?

Imagery like “Past and present, they don’t matter” creates a visual blend of time, emphasizing the insignificance of time in the face of strong emotions and memories.

What role does symbolism play in “1901”?

Symbolism, particularly the title “1901,” represents nostalgia and the idea of looking back at the past, adding depth to the song’s reflective theme.

Why is “1901” considered a reflection on time and emotions?

The song uses various literary and poetic devices to convey themes of nostalgia, emotional concealment, and the irrelevance of time when it comes to significant memories and feelings.

How does repetition contribute to the song’s musicality?

Repetition, such as in “Fold it, fold it, fold it,” reinforces the song’s central themes and creates a catchy, memorable hook that engages listeners.