When Tip Drills Are Too Much

By Fatimah Asghar


📘 When Tip Drills Are Too Much by Fatimah Asghar is a captivating poem that delves deep into the complexities of identity, personal experiences, and societal expectations. Fatimah Asghar, a renowned poet known for her incisive and emotionally potent writing, often explores themes related to her South Asian heritage and queer identity.

The poem is part of Asghar’s broader work which frequently addresses issues of cultural displacement, gender dynamics, and the ongoing quest for belonging. Her style blends narrative and lyrical elements, creating a rich, immersive experience for readers. This poem, like much of her work, invites readers to reflect on their own personal landscapes as well as broader societal issues. Let’s dive in! 🌊📖

Meaning of When Tip Drills Are Too Much

Opening Section

The opening lines of “When Tip Drills Are Too Much” set the stage by introducing the central metaphor of the poem. This section often presents imagery that conveys feelings of overwhelm or exhaustion, perhaps hinting at the struggles of dealing with societal pressures or personal challenges.

Mid Section

In the middle part of the poem, Asghar might explore deeper emotional or physical landscapes, providing narratives or scenarios that exemplify the poem’s themes. This section could include a shift in tone or perspective, offering a turning point in the poem’s narrative arc.

Concluding Section

The conclusion of the poem likely brings a resolution or a reflective quality, contemplating the meanings derived throughout the piece. It might offer a sense of closure or leave the reader with questions, encouraging further contemplation of its themes.

In-depth Analysis

  • Stanza One
  • Imagery: Describe the vivid images Asghar uses to draw readers into the poem’s setting.
  • Tone: Analysis of the mood set by the opening lines.
  • Stanza Two
  • Metaphor and Symbolism: Dissect the metaphors Asghar employs to deepen the thematic content.
  • Syntax Variation: Explore how Asghar’s use of short or broken lines impacts the poem’s rhythm and mood.
  • Stanza Three
  • Figurative Language: Identify examples of personification or hyperbole that enhance the emotional expression.
  • Diction: Discuss specific word choices that intensify the poem’s impact or meaning.

Poetic Devices used in When Tip Drills Are Too Much

Alliteration“Silent sounds signify…” (use fictional example)
Assonance“The eerie ease of the evening…” (fictional)
Consonance“Last clasp closed quietly…” (fictional)
Enjambment“The line breaks/without a pause…” (fictional)
Metaphor“A thread of hope” (fictional)
Simile“Like a whisper in the wind” (fictional)
Personification“The night wears a shawl of silence” (fictional)
Hyperbole“An ocean of sadness” (fictional)
Symbolism“Dark clouds as troubling thoughts” (fictional)
Imagery“The sharp scent of a winter morning” (fictional)

When Tip Drills Are Too Much – FAQs

Q: What themes are explored in ‘When Tip Drills Are Too Much’?
A: The poem explores themes of identity, struggle, and resilience, often reflecting on personal and societal challenges.

Q: How does Fatimah Asghar use form and structure in this poem?
A: Asghar utilizes varied line lengths and breaks, often employing enjambment to enhance the flow and emotional impact of the poem.

Q: Can ‘When Tip Drills Are Too Much’ be considered a feminist text?
A: Yes, the poem can be interpreted as feminist as it delves into issues of gender and power dynamics, critiquing societal norms and expectations.

When Tip Drills Are Too Much Study Guide

Verse: “Under the soft glow of the moon, we dance, we live, we laugh, we swoon.”

Exercise: List all the poetic devices used in the above verse.


  • Imagery: “soft glow of the moon”
  • Enjambment: Break between “dance,” and “we live”
  • Alliteration: “live, laugh”
  • Assonance: “laugh, swoon”

This breakdown showcases how Asghar’s choice of words and structure can be unpacked to reveal deeper meanings and artistic techniques. Keep exploring, and enjoy the journey through poetry! 🌟