Snatch (2000)

Brief Intro

Snatch (2000) is a British crime comedy film directed by Guy Ritchie. The movie follows two intertwined plots: one involving the search for a stolen diamond, and the other about a small-time boxing promoter who finds himself under the thumb of a ruthless gangster. The film is known for its fast-paced storytelling, colorful characters, and witty dialogue.

Literary Devices Used in Snatch


Movie SceneExample
Brick Top explaining how to dispose of a bodyDespite his calm demeanor, he’s talking about gruesome acts.
Turkish betting on a boxing matchBetting on a rigged fight only to see it go awry.


Movie SceneExample
Opening scene with diamond theftSets up the entire plot of the movie.
Mickey’s reluctance to throw the fightHints at his ultimate decision to not follow the plan.


Movie SceneExample
The diamondRepresents greed and the lengths characters will go to obtain it.
Boxing glovesSymbolize both physical and moral struggles.


Movie SceneExample
Bullet Tooth Tony’s reputationExaggerated tales of his invincibility.
Brick Top’s threatsOver-the-top descriptions of violence.

Dark Humor

Movie SceneExample
Brick Top’s pig farmUses macabre humor to describe disposing of bodies.
Boris the Blade’s repeated survivalComically survives multiple deadly situations.


Movie SceneExample
The recurring diamondAppears throughout, connecting disparate storylines.
Boxing matchesRecur, emphasizing the chaos and unpredictability of life.


Movie SceneExample
Sol and Vinny recounting the heistAdds context and humor to their bumbling attempts.
Turkish explaining his pastProvides background on his involvement in the boxing world.


Movie SceneExample
The boxing ringRepresents the battle for survival in the criminal underworld.
Turkish’s narrationOften uses metaphors to describe situations and characters.


Movie SceneExample
Calm dialogue during violent scenesHighlights the absurdity and normalcy of violence in their world.
Mickey’s gypsy camp vs. urban LondonContrasts different lifestyles and values.


Movie SceneExample
Turkish’s caravanDescribed as having a life and story of its own.
The diamondTreated almost like a character driving the plot.

Character Analysis Through Literary Devices


NarrationHis voice-over gives insights into his pragmatic and cautious nature.
MetaphorUses boxing metaphors to explain his struggles and strategies.


IronyA skilled boxer with no interest in boxing, emphasizing his independence.
SymbolismHis mother’s caravan symbolizes his loyalty to family and tradition.

Brick Top

HyperboleHis exaggerated threats and stories create an aura of fear.
Dark HumorHis casual talk about gruesome acts shows his desensitization to violence.

Character Dynamics

The relationships between characters are crucial in driving the narrative. Turkish and Tommy’s partnership is based on mutual dependence and survival, contrasting with Brick Top’s manipulative dominance over others. Mickey’s interactions with Turkish and Brick Top highlight themes of loyalty and defiance.

Thematic Analysis


SymbolismThe diamond as the central object of desire.
IronyCharacters’ downfalls often come from their own greed.


MotifRecurring boxing matches as a metaphor for the fight for survival.
Dark HumorCharacters’ humorous approaches to life-or-death situations.


FlashbackTurkish’s background stories show his loyalty to his partners.
JuxtapositionContrasts between loyal characters like Mickey and treacherous ones like Brick Top.

Cinematic Techniques That Enhance Literary Devices

Visual and Sound Techniques

Literary DeviceTechniqueExplanation
ForeshadowingVisual cuesEarly scenes visually hint at later events.
Dark HumorSoundtrackUpbeat music during dark scenes adds to the humor.
IronyCamera anglesContrasting visuals with dialogue enhances ironic moments.

Key Scene Analysis

Scene: The Diamond Heist
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This scene utilizes fast-paced editing and witty dialogue to introduce the main plot. The heist’s chaotic execution and humorous undertones set the film’s tone.

Scene: Mickey’s Final Fight
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Mickey’s unexpected win is foreshadowed and symbolized through the recurring motif of the boxing ring. The visual and sound design heighten the tension and reveal character dynamics.


To wrap things up, let’s test your understanding with a quick quiz!

Interactive Quiz:

  1. Which literary device is used when Brick Top calmly explains how to dispose of a body?
  2. What does the diamond symbolize in the movie?
    • a) Love
    • b) Greed
    • c) Freedom
  3. How is dark humor employed in the film?
    • a) Through visual effects
    • b) Through sound design
    • c) Through casual talk about gruesome acts