By P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast


Welcome to the world of “Chosen” πŸ“šβœ¨, the third book in the captivating House of Night series, penned by the dynamic mother-daughter duo, P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. Diving into a universe where vampyres coexist with humans, this novel continues the journey of Zoey Redbird, a young fledgling who is not only grappling with her transformation into a vampyre but also the intricate web of relationships and responsibilities that come with her newfound powers.

Published in March 2008, “Chosen” deepens the lore of the House of Night, a boarding school for vampyre fledglings, setting the stage for a thrilling exploration of love, betrayal, and the struggle between the dark and light aspects of power. The series is renowned for its unique blend of mythological elements with modern-day issues, making it a standout addition to the young adult fantasy genre.

P.C. Cast, an experienced author with a penchant for mythology and fantasy, collaborates with her daughter, Kristin Cast, to infuse the narrative with authentic teenage voices and perspectives. Together, they craft a world that’s as rich and complex as it is enchanting, making “Chosen” not just a story about vampyres, but a reflection on the challenges of growing up and finding one’s place in the world πŸŒπŸ’«.

Whether you’re drawn to the mystical elements, the relatable characters, or the moral dilemmas they face, “Chosen” offers a compelling tale that will leave readers eager for more. So, let’s embark on this unforgettable journey through the eyes of Zoey Redbird and discover what lies in store in the shadowy corridors of the House of Night.

Plot Summary

“Chosen” by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast unfurls an intricate tapestry of love, betrayal, and power struggles, as Zoey Redbird navigates her life within the House of Night. The novel intricately weaves the journey of Zoey and her friends, setting a stage where secrets unfurl and loyalties are tested. Here’s a detailed walkthrough of the main events:

Exposition β€” Zoey’s life is far from simple. As a fledgling vampyre with unusual powers, she finds herself entangled in a web of relationships with three guys, complicating her life further. At the same time, her role as the leader of the Dark Daughters puts her in a position of significant influence and responsibility within the House of Night.

Rising Action β€” The discovery of undead teens starts raising questions, leading Zoey into a deeper investigation. Her relationships become more complicated, and she starts uncovering secrets about her friends and the people she trusts. This phase of the story highlights the growing tension between Zoey and her mentor, Neferet, who is revealed to have darker motives.

Climax β€” The climax hits when Zoey finds out that her friend Stevie Rae, previously thought to be dead, has become an undead fledgling. This revelation, coupled with the knowledge of Neferet’s betrayal and her involvement with the undead, forces Zoey to confront the harsh realities of her world. The betrayal of her friend Aphrodite and the complexities of her love life add to the tumult.

Falling Action β€” With the truth about Neferet coming to light, Zoey must navigate her newly complicated relationship with her mentor, while also dealing with the fallout of her personal life. She works to help Stevie Rae reclaim her humanity, illustrating Zoey’s growing leadership and strength.

Resolution β€” Zoey’s determination leads to a strengthening bond among her friends, who rally to support her. Despite the personal losses and the betrayals she faces, Zoey’s resolve to stand up against Neferet and protect her friends solidifies. The novel concludes with Zoey poised to face the challenges ahead, hinting at her future battles against the forces that threaten her world.

Throughout “Chosen,” readers are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions and twists, each event intricately linked to Zoey’s journey of self-discovery and the fight against darkness. The book masterfully combines elements of mystery, romance, and supernatural adventure, leaving readers eager for the next installment in the series.

Character Analysis

In “Chosen,” each character is vividly brought to life, showcasing distinct personalities, motivations, and development arcs that intertwine with the novel’s rich narrative fabric. Let’s delve into the main characters:

Zoey Redbird β€” The protagonist of the story, Zoey is not just any fledgling; she’s marked by the Goddess Nyx with special powers, setting her apart. Throughout “Chosen,” Zoey’s character is tested by her complex relationships, leadership responsibilities, and moral dilemmas. Her journey is one of self-discovery, as she navigates the intricacies of love, friendship, and the heavy burden of her unique abilities. Zoey’s resilience and willingness to confront darkness underscore her growth as a character, making her a relatable and inspiring figure.

Neferet β€” Initially Zoey’s mentor and the High Priestess of the House of Night, Neferet’s true nature unfolds throughout the novel. Her manipulation and alignment with darker forces serve as the primary antagonist force in Zoey’s world. Neferet’s character represents the seductive pull of power and the moral corruption it can entail, providing a stark contrast to Zoey’s values and challenges.

Stevie Rae β€” As Zoey’s best friend and a fellow fledgling, Stevie Rae’s transformation into an undead creature adds a profound layer to the story. Her struggle with her new identity and the fight to retain her humanity resonate deeply, highlighting themes of redemption and the essence of what it means to be alive. Stevie Rae’s character evolution is a testament to the strength of friendship and loyalty, central themes in Zoey’s journey.

Erik Night β€” Erik is one of Zoey’s love interests, embodying the high school sweetheart trope with a vampyric twist. His relationship with Zoey explores the complexities of young love, jealousy, and the challenges of dating in a supernatural setting. Erik’s character development offers insights into the pressures of societal expectations and the struggle to define oneself beyond external appearances.

Aphrodite β€” Formerly Zoey’s rival, Aphrodite’s intricate character arc from antagonist to ally illustrates themes of redemption and the complexity of human (and vampyre) nature. Her abilities as a seer add a mystical element to the story, and her evolving relationship with Zoey highlights the power of forgiveness and the unlikely bonds that can form in the face of adversity.

CharacterPersonality TraitsMotivationsDevelopment
Zoey RedbirdResilient, compassionate, leaderProtect friends, confront darknessGrows in confidence and leadership
NeferetManipulative, powerful, corruptedSeeks power, control over othersDescends deeper into darkness
Stevie RaeLoyal, struggling with identity, resilientRegain humanity, support ZoeyBattles inner darkness, finds light
Erik NightCharming, jealous, struggles with identityWin Zoey’s heart, define himselfLearns to cope with complexity
AphroditeComplex, initially shallow, grows into deep loyaltyRedemption, prove her worthTransforms from rival to ally

This analysis showcases the depth and evolution of key characters in “Chosen,” highlighting how their personal journeys are integral to the novel’s overarching themes and narrative progression.

Themes and Symbols

“Chosen” by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast delves deep into a rich tapestry of themes and symbols, each contributing to the novel’s exploration of identity, morality, and the complexities of power. Here’s a look at some of the major themes and symbols present in the book:


β€” Power and Corruption: The novel intricately explores how power can corrupt and the thin line between using one’s abilities for good or for personal gain. Neferet’s transformation from a revered High Priestess to the antagonist underscores the dangers of power unchecked by moral compasses.

β€” Identity and Belonging: A central theme in “Chosen” is the quest for identity and a sense of belonging. Zoey’s journey is emblematic of this search, as she grapples with her unique position in the vampyre world and her connections with her friends, family, and romantic interests. The theme extends to other characters like Stevie Rae, who struggles with her identity as an undead fledgling.

β€” Friendship and Loyalty: The strength of friendship and the tests of loyalty are pivotal to the narrative. Zoey’s relationships with her circle of friends, including the evolving bond with Aphrodite, highlight the importance of trust, support, and forgiveness in navigating life’s challenges.

β€” Love and Jealousy: The complex interplay of love and jealousy is examined through Zoey’s romantic entanglements. These emotions drive much of the character development and plot dynamics, showcasing the impact of personal relationships on broader societal and moral issues.


β€” The Mark of the Goddess Nyx: The mark bestowed upon chosen vampyres serves as a symbol of divine favor and a visible sign of the fledglings’ potential. However, it also marks them as different, symbolizing the challenges of carrying a burden of expectations and the quest for individual identity within a community.

β€” The Element of Water: Water is frequently used as a symbol of purification, change, and the emotional states of characters. Zoey’s affinity for water reflects her role as a healer and a stabilizing force among her friends, as well as her own need for emotional clarity and renewal.

β€” The House of Night: The school itself symbolizes a liminal space between the human and vampyre worlds, a place of transformation where young fledglings learn to navigate their powers and societal roles. It reflects the transition from adolescence to adulthood and the search for one’s place in the world.

These themes and symbols weave through the narrative of “Chosen,” enriching the story with layers of meaning that resonate with readers on multiple levels. They contribute to the novel’s exploration of moral dilemmas, personal growth, and the complexities of human (and vampyre) nature, making it a compelling read for fans of young adult fantasy.

Style and Tone

“Chosen” by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast is marked by a distinctive writing style and tone that significantly contribute to the book’s atmosphere and its connection with the reader. Here’s an exploration of these elements:

β€” Writing Style: The authors employ a writing style that is accessible, vivid, and immersive, making it particularly appealing to its young adult audience. The narrative is characterized by:

  • Descriptive Imagery: The use of vivid descriptions brings the world of the House of Night to life, allowing readers to visualize settings and characters in rich detail.
  • First-Person Perspective: Told from Zoey’s viewpoint, the narrative provides an intimate look at her thoughts, feelings, and experiences, fostering a deeper connection between the protagonist and the reader.
  • Dialogues and Inner Monologues: The combination of realistic dialogue and introspective monologues adds depth to characters and drives the narrative forward, revealing personal conflicts and motivations.

β€” Tone: The tone of “Chosen” varies, reflecting the novel’s emotional range and thematic depth. It includes:

  • Humorous and Witty: Despite the darker themes, the book is peppered with humor and wit, particularly in character interactions, making the narrative engaging and relatable.
  • Suspenseful and Mysterious: The authors skillfully build suspense through plot twists and revelations, maintaining a sense of mystery that keeps readers hooked.
  • Emotional and Reflective: At its core, “Chosen” delves into the emotional upheavals of its protagonist, from the highs of young love to the lows of betrayal and loss, presented in a tone that resonates with sincerity and depth.

The integration of a conversational, yet evocative writing style with a tone that shifts between humor, suspense, and emotion, crafts a reading experience that is both enjoyable and thought-provoking. This approach not only aligns with the preferences of the young adult audience but also effectively conveys the novel’s themes and character journeys. Through their distinctive style and tone, P.C. and Kristin Cast have created a work that is not just a story about vampyres but a reflection on growth, identity, and the complexities of the human (and vampyre) condition.

Literary Devices used in Chosen

In “Chosen” by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast, a variety of literary devices are skillfully employed to enhance the narrative, deepen the thematic resonance, and enrich the reader’s experience. Here are the top 10 literary devices used in the book:

  1. Metaphor β€” The authors frequently use metaphors to draw comparisons that illuminate character traits and themes. For instance, the journey of the fledglings is often likened to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly, symbolizing transformation and the potential for beauty and freedom amidst struggle.
  2. Simile β€” Similes are used to create vivid imagery and enhance descriptions. Characters often describe their emotions or situations using similes, like feeling “as out of place as a cat at a dog show,” which adds a layer of relatability and humor.
  3. Foreshadowing β€” The narrative incorporates hints and clues about future events, building suspense and anticipation. The mysterious behavior of certain characters or cryptic visions experienced by Zoey serve as foreshadowing for plot twists and reveals.
  4. Personification β€” Inanimate objects and abstract concepts are given human qualities, particularly in the description of vampyre powers or the spiritual connection with the goddess Nyx. This personification adds a mystical quality to the story’s world.
  5. Allusion β€” References to mythology, particularly to the goddess Nyx, are woven throughout the narrative, creating a rich, intertextual layer that deepens the story’s connection to themes of power, destiny, and transformation.
  6. Irony β€” Situational irony is used to highlight the contradictions between appearance and reality, especially in the characters’ relationships and the unforeseen consequences of their actions. This device underscores the complexity of choices and the unpredictability of life.
  7. Imagery β€” The authors employ detailed and evocative imagery to paint vivid pictures of the House of Night and its inhabitants, the magical rituals, and the emotional landscapes of the characters. This imagery immerses readers in the novel’s atmosphere.
  8. Symbolism β€” Symbols, such as the tattoos that mark the vampyres, carry deep meanings related to identity, belonging, and power. These symbols serve as visual representations of the characters’ journeys and the thematic undercurrents of the story.
  9. Hyperbole β€” Exaggeration is used for dramatic effect, especially in character dialogues, to convey intense emotions or highlight the stakes of certain situations, adding a layer of intensity and engagement.
  10. Motif β€” Recurring motifs, such as darkness versus light and the imagery of blood, thread through the narrative, underscoring the central themes of duality, sacrifice, and the quest for balance.

These literary devices are integral to the storytelling in “Chosen,” enriching the narrative with layers of meaning and enhancing the reader’s engagement with the text. Through their skillful use, the authors create a captivating world that resonates with depth, emotion, and complexity.

Literary Devices Examples

Each of the top 10 literary devices used in “Chosen” by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast plays a crucial role in enriching the narrative. Below are tables showcasing examples and explanations for each literary device, illustrating how they contribute to the storytelling and thematic depth of the novel.


Zoey’s transformation likened to a caterpillar becoming a butterflyThis metaphor emphasizes Zoey’s growth and the beauty that can emerge from struggle, mirroring her journey from a normal teenager to a powerful fledgling.
Neferet’s manipulation described as a spider weaving a webIt highlights Neferet’s cunning and predatory nature, illustrating how she ensnares others in her plots.


Feeling “as out of place as a cat at a dog show”This simile humorously conveys the character’s sense of not belonging, enhancing relatability and emotional understanding.


Mysterious behavior of characters hinting at hidden agendasThese hints create suspense and anticipation, leading readers to question motives and predict future conflicts.


The night air “whispering” secretsThis personification adds a mystical atmosphere to the setting, suggesting the presence of unseen forces or knowledge.


References to the goddess NyxThese allusions deepen the mythological backdrop of the story, connecting characters’ experiences to larger themes of destiny and power.


A character’s actions to protect leading to unintended harmThis situational irony highlights the complexity of decisions and the unpredictability of their outcomes, often leading to dramatic revelations.


Descriptions of vampyre rituals and the setting of the House of NightThe vivid imagery immerses readers in the story’s world, making the magical and emotional elements feel tangible.


Tattoos marking the vampyresThese symbols represent characters’ identities, their connection to the vampyre world, and their personal growth and achievements.


Exaggerated descriptions of emotional turmoilHyperbole is used to convey the intensity of characters’ feelings, adding drama and depth to their personal conflicts.


Recurring imagery of darkness versus lightThis motif underscores the novel’s exploration of moral ambiguity, the balance between good and evil, and the characters’ internal battles.

These examples demonstrate the authors’ adept use of literary devices to create a layered and engaging narrative in “Chosen.” Through metaphor, simile, foreshadowing, and more, P.C. and Kristin Cast weave a rich tapestry that brings their thematic concerns to life and deepens the reader’s experience of the novel.

Chosen – FAQs

What genre does “Chosen” by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast belong to?

  • “Chosen” falls within the young adult fantasy genre, specifically in the subset of paranormal romance. It features elements of vampyre mythology, magical rituals, and the struggles of coming of age within a supernatural setting.

Who is the main protagonist in “Chosen”?

  • The main protagonist is Zoey Redbird, a young fledgling vampyre who is marked with special powers by the goddess Nyx. Zoey navigates the challenges of her transformation, complex relationships, and the responsibilities of her leadership within the vampyre society.

What is the House of Night?

  • The House of Night is a boarding school for vampyre fledglings. It serves as a central setting in “Chosen,” where fledglings learn to harness their powers, understand vampyre culture, and prepare for their eventual transformation into full vampyres.

How does “Chosen” explore the theme of identity?

  • Through Zoey Redbird’s journey and the experiences of other characters, “Chosen” explores identity in the context of personal growth, societal expectations, and the struggle to define oneself amidst the challenges of love, loyalty, and power.

Can “Chosen” be read as a standalone novel?

  • While “Chosen” can be enjoyed on its own for its story and characters, it is the third book in the House of Night series. Reading the series in order provides a deeper understanding of the characters’ backgrounds, the evolving plot, and the thematic development across the books.

What makes “Chosen” unique in the young adult fantasy genre?

  • “Chosen” stands out for its incorporation of vampyre mythology within a contemporary setting, its exploration of themes like power, identity, and belonging through a teenage perspective, and the dynamic mother-daughter authorship which brings a unique blend of authenticity and creativity to the narrative.

Are there any mature themes in “Chosen”?

  • Yes, “Chosen” addresses mature themes such as betrayal, loss, and moral dilemmas, alongside exploring romantic relationships and personal identity. The novel handles these themes with sensitivity, making it suitable for mature young adult readers.


What is the main setting of “Chosen”?The House of NightA modern-day high schoolAn ancient vampyre templeA mystical forest
Who is the High Priestess and mentor to Zoey Redbird at the beginning of “Chosen”?AphroditeStevie RaeNeferetErin
What significant challenge does Zoey face in her personal life?Choosing between her human and vampyre sidesBalancing her duties and her studiesNavigating complex relationships with three guysOvercoming her fear of the dark
Which character undergoes a transformation into an undead fledgling?Erik NightStevie RaeDamienJack
What theme is prominently explored through Zoey’s journey?The importance of physical strengthThe quest for powerThe search for identity and belongingMastering magical spells
Which literary device is frequently used to hint at future events in the novel?OnomatopoeiaForeshadowingAlliterationHyperbole
How does “Chosen” explore the theme of power and corruption?Through the school’s popularity contestsBy depicting Neferet’s manipulation and darker motivesThrough the physical battles between charactersBy showing the influence of technology in the vampyre world

This quiz is designed to test comprehension and encourage reflection on key aspects of “Chosen” by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast, including its setting, characters, themes, and literary devices.


Identify the literary devices used in the following paragraph from “Chosen” by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast:

“As the moon rose high into the night sky, its silver light seemed to whisper secrets to the ancient trees surrounding the House of Night. Zoey felt a shiver run down her spine, not from cold, but from the realization that the night itself was alive with mysteries yet to be uncovered. The shadows danced at the edge of her vision, teasing her with glimpses of a world much older than her own, a world where magic breathed life into every corner.”


  1. Personification: The moon’s silver light “seemed to whisper secrets” to the trees, and “the night itself was alive with mysteries.” This gives nature human-like qualities, enhancing the mystical atmosphere of the setting.
  2. Imagery: Descriptions like “the moon rose high into the night sky” and “shadows danced at the edge of her vision” create vivid images that engage the reader’s senses, painting a vivid picture of the scene.
  3. Metaphor: The phrase “a world where magic breathed life into every corner” serves as a metaphor for the supernatural aspects of Zoey’s environment, suggesting that magic is as essential to this world as air is to life.
  4. Simile: Although not explicitly present in this excerpt, the vivid descriptions function similarly to similes by comparing the night and its elements to living entities, creating a sense of wonder and mystery.